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Analyzing Comics

Pascal Lefèvre’s website is an excellent resource for beginning analysis of graphic novels: it leads the reader through the entire process of analysis, from initial questions to plot analysis.

Understanding Weimar History

Though fuller analyses of Weimar History can be found in my source list, these two websites are good starting points for Weimar scholars.

Facing History – A resource to learn about Weimar’s famous culture, its democracy (which attempted to blend both the parliamentary and presidential systems) and societal conflicts including racism, drawn from primary source documents.  It also includes several essays and biographies – the essay “1929: A Turning Point” is especially germane to this project.

The German Bundestag – To understand the creation of Weimar Germany, it is useful to go back to the German Bundestag itself. It includes an easily digestible section on the Weimar Republic, Germany’s first democracy, and is a good basic history.