About the Project

This is a project about a graphic representation of the Weimar Republic- specifically, the graphic novel Berlin: City of Stones, by author/artist Jason Lutes. The story follows a fictional journalist, Kurt Severing; an art student, Marthe Müller; and a host of other characters through an anxious and apprehensive Berlin in 1928-1929 – facing communism, nationalism and anti-Semitism on the road to disaster.

The novel stands in contrast to popular and political views of Weimar. Often seen through the lens of its bold, diverse public culture and its eventual failure, it seems both wildly liberal and doomed to fail. Historical primary and secondary sources dispute this: in fact, it was plagued by social factors,  unrest and a growing racism, that collided fatally. Lutes’s novel is interesting in that it supports history, not just a popular vision.

I completed this project as part of my German 260 class in Fall 2015 at Davidson college.


Read the abstract to get more in-depth information about this project

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